Above The World - Modified Toy Orchestra (by catweasel)

"Just found this going through an old harddrive, its from September 2010 when the Modified Toy Orchestra played at the Town Hall Birmingham, it was a reshoot in triple wide for this tour, I previously had only a single screen version. It was made in less than 2 days of animation time in my cellar!"

Modified Toy Orchestra at Faster Than Sound (by Millicent Egeland)

MTO in a publicity video for the Hackaday prize.

Living Toys concert rehearsal for today’s concert.

Nabbed from Facebook.

Living Toys - Brian and others at CBSO center, 26th Jan.

For ages 7 – 97

Created in collaboration with Birmingham-based theatre company Stan’s Cafe, BCMG Family Concerts introduce young people and their families to the exciting world of contemporary music. These hour-long performances weave music inspired by toys, dreams and games with theatrical and visual elements to create colourful and engaging concerts to ignite young imaginations.

The musical wizardry of Thomas Adès conjures a child’s imaginary dream world in Living Toys, complete with angels and matadors, armies and heroes, and a great computer in deepest space. Early electronic toys will be transformed into musical instruments, and take their place in the BCMG ensemble, through and imagination of composers Richard Baker and Brian Duffy with the Modified Toy Orchestra. A tiny music box, most used to playing Brahms’ Lullaby and the Nutcracker Suite will resound with new sparkling melodies, and a musical dice game created by Mozart will be given new life by composer Colin Matthews.

Unclaimed is a 20 minute mix of Modified Toy Orchestra bits and bobs that didn’t fit on to Plastic Planet. It’s released as a free download by Bit-Phalanx. Yummy.

A panel discussion with Modified Toy Orchestra and Juneau Projects at A3 Project Space this Thursday

Brian Duffy, Laurence Hunt, Phil Duckworth, Ben Sadler and Joeseph Weldon talk about their ideas behind making electronic instruments and music.

Photos from the Square Wave exhibition of Modified Toys at A3 Project Space on at the moment.

Trevor Pitt performs ‘This Is Your Tomorrow’

Vivid Projects
Monday 10 June 2013
Doors open 8pm

For the final act in his ‘Sleeve Notes’ project Trevor Pitt performs ‘This Is Your Tomorrow’ at Vivid Projects on 10 June 2013, 9pm.

In collaboration with Brian Duffy, four songs that Pitt wrote in his bedroom between 1974-78 have been reinterpreted and authentically produced by Duffy to form an EP that will performed for the first time.

MTO at an event called Interplay in London, 2007.

MTO live at Summer Sundae Weekender 2007, De Montfort Hall, Leicester. (by Bathysphere Recordings)

Interview with Darren on the Urban Outfitters Blog. Many stupid questions, lots of lovely photos.

Someone had uploaded New Sounds From Old Circuits, the 3 track Modified Toy Orchestra EP released on Static Caravan in 2002, to YouTube. It’s a long way from A Grand Occasion and fascinating to see Brian starting to put the pieces together.

Modified Toy Orchestra entry on Wikipedia

The article needs some serious work and there are plenty of citable sources on this blog. Get to it folks.

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